Alan Smith

British author. As far as I know wrote just the one pony book which was published by Country Life. Although published many years since the heyday of the Country Life pony books, Snowy manages to provide a modern take on those traditional stories, with the story following both the pony and human viewpoint. It's a good read and a shame that the author did not write more books in the genre.

Pony Books:

There was also a German edition.
SUMMARY: Story of a Welsh Mountain pony. Naughty Snowy escapes from her home on a Welsh stud farm. After a series of owners, she ends up at Mr. Parker's riding school. But her high spirits and antics make her unsuitable for a riding school pony. Tommy who helps out in the stables has however formed a close bond with Snowy and is overjoyed when Mr Parker gives her to him. But when Tommy starts winning jumping events and attracts wealthy buyers Mr. Parker tells Tommy that he had only loaned Snowy to him and wants her back to sell. Will Tommy lose his beloved Snowy forever?

Collectors info:
Reasonably easy to find in the UK via internet bookshops, and usually low cost. A lot harder to find elsewhere.